Automat-IT EaaS Enables IBM Hybrid Cloud Environments

Jaffa Sztejnbok May 28, 2019

Self-Service, Automated, and Fast Environment as a Service (EaaS): Provision Your Kubernetes Environments in Minutes, on ICP / IBM Cloud Container Service or on Any K8s Environment

This post was written by Automat-IT and the IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator team.

OK, You have developed a containerized application and now you would like to provision it to many environments (Dev, QA, Test, Prod, ICP, public cloud, etc). In this blog, we will explain and demonstrate how Automate-IT’s solution is doing exactly that.

Today developers and businesses want scalability and flexibility in their cloud environments without compromising security. So, they often adopt a hybrid cloud strategy to take advantage of both public and private clouds.

However, when developers and businesses work in hybrid clouds, they can face unanticipated challenges to maintain consistency across Dev, QA, Test, Training, Demo, and Production environments. So developers who are planning to use hybrid clouds need to understand what the stakes are and how Automat-IT EaaS — Environment as a Service can help them.

Challenges of Maintaining Consistent Environments in Hybrid Clouds

A hybrid cloud can provide benefits like flexibility, control, optimized networks, automated backups and more. However, it also makes challenges more complex when it comes to environments: added complexities, heterogeneous infrastructure, mixed end-user experience, and shared environments.

Automat-IT built a product to disrupt the market and to significantly simplify Hybrid environments.

EaaS — Environment as a service to deal with the challenges of hybrid cloud. It provides the following benefits:

Automation — EaaS automatic environment provision and management. No human intervention is necessary. It decreases errors and improves the reliability of operations.

Self-Service — Users don’t have to worry about infrastructure handling. Self-service environments require fewer resources.

CI Support — EaaS is great for setting up continuous integration (CI) environments to improve development processes.

Schedule — EaaS means you don’t need to run services all the time. So, you can avoid overspending on cloud resources by using scheduling for services.

Easy On/Off — You can decide to turn services on and off easily whenever you need to.

Open — EaaS is vendor neutral and supports most common APIs. So you can use this solution both on the public cloud and private work environments and you don’t need to change existing vendors.

Security — Due to consistent environments, EaaS promises to provide higher security. Strong authentication mechanisms and protocols safeguard against possible threats.

Using EaaS with IBM Hybrid Cloud

IBM provides products and services that ensure smooth setup and operation in various Hybrid Cloud scenarios. IBM Public Cloud and ICP (IBM Cloud Private) can be efficiently used to establish hybrid cloud environment for applications with microservice architecture that are containerized and deployed on Kubernetes clusters. IBM Cloud provides features like IBM Registry and IBM Kubernetes service to enable such scenarios. ICP has native Kubernetes solution that fully implements all Kubernetes features.

EaaS by Automat-IT can serve as a mediator between IBM Cloud and ICP to ensure smooth environments transitions between private and public clouds.

EaaS by Automat-IT makes transitions between Dev, QA, Test, Demo, Training, and Prod environments automatic, self-service and fast. EaaS takes IT infrastructure automation to the next level, it allows provisioning and managing environments for:

● Applications

● Versions

● Release cycles

● Teams, people and projects.

● Standalone or as part of a CI/CD process

Use Case: Orchestrating Kubernetes Deployment on IBM Hybrid Cloud (IBM Cloud and ICP)

Automat-IT had to deal with an insurance company legacy enterprise system that was based on IBM MQ and DataPower. There were a lot of queues, aliases, and channels to manage and configure and numerous deployment artifacts.

IBM MQ and DataPower are now running Kubernetes orchestration in containers from public Docker Hub images. It would have taken weeks to move the environment with traditional methods. With EaaS, the environment is in 15 minutes.

The accompanying video shows a step by step environment provision and management in an IBM Hybrid Cloud topology

About Automat-IT

Automat-IT is taking part in IBM Alpha Zone accelerator program, Class #8 with a goal to better tune into IBMers, products, and customers.[MOU1]

To learn more about Automat-IT EaaS please email rami.rinot@automat-it.ioor go to their website

About IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator

IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator is a 20-week program that helps startups build leading solutions for the enterprise market. The program focuses on post-seed and Round A-funded startups with the aim to create long-term technology and business partnerships with IBM worldwide.

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Jaffa Sztejnbok

SW Architect, Developer Advocate, Developers Ecosystem and IBM’s AlphaZone accelerator

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